Where Can You Use a Pergola?

May 16, 2024
Where Can You Use a Pergola?

A pergola is an excellent addition to any garden or patio, offering a range of uses that enhance outdoor spaces. As highlighted in our previous blog, "What is a Pergola?", there are numerous benefits to choosing a pergola with a roof. The PERGOLUX Pergola goes a step further, designed to withstand harsh weather while incorporating luxurious features that blend beautifully with your outdoor environment.

This blog will delve into various ways to utilize a pergola tailored to your specific needs. Keep reading for some creative ideas!

Using Pergolas as Dining Areas

The versatility of the PERGOLUX Pergola is one of its standout features. It can adapt to any setting, whether for personal or commercial use, and can expand to cover more outdoor space if required.

Outdoor dining is a highlight of the summer season, but what about during other seasons or in rainy locales?

At times, the summer heat can be overwhelming, and a bit of shade can be a relief. For dining businesses with outdoor seating, providing adequate shelter is essential. Simple parasols or awnings may fall short, making the PERGOLUX Pergola an ideal solution for such scenarios!

Outdoor wedding venue with fairy lights

The PERGOLUX Pergola is designed to endure harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Its roof features adjustable louvres and a built-in drainage system, allowing for immediate water drainage. The louvres have a slight tilt to direct water into the gutters efficiently. They can be adjusted from 0 to 130°, giving you control over the amount of sunlight you want. In summary, our Pergola offers flexibility to meet your needs!

Many venue companies often feature outdoor spaces with stunning views or atmospheres. What better way to provide the ideal shelter than by investing in a PERGOLUX Pergola?

The slatted roof is the optimal choice in these settings, offering complete flexibility. Venues frequently host large groups, similar to restaurants, depending on the available space.

PERGOLUX provides a range of standard sizes, allowing for customization and the expansion of your outdoor area. With the weatherproof features of the PERGOLUX Pergola, your outdoor venue or dining space can offer limitless possibilities to potential customers. Check out these two Anthracite Pergolas that create the perfect catering experience below:


2 anthracite pergola decorated with fairy lights

Some people might wonder why an awning, canopy, or retractable roof wouldn't suffice. While these options work well for simpler needs, the louvered roof offers several key advantages:

  • The louvers are easy to adjust and specifically designed to withstand harsh weather.
  • The PERGOLUX Pergola features an excellent drainage system, allowing you to enjoy it even during rainy seasons.
  • PERGOLUX offers various roof options, including our standard Pergola and the Skydance model with integrated LED lights, both of which have superior drainage systems.
  • Our louvers are easily adjustable, providing shade and shelter whenever needed.
    anthracite pergola with adjustable roof louvres and company

Transform your Pergola into a pool house where you can unwind in your jacuzzi regardless of the weather outside. Our Pergola is built to handle humidity, thanks to its powder-coated aluminum profile that resists rust and corrosion. This is important to note because traditional pergolas are often made from wood or steel, materials that can succumb to rot, rust, and corrosion.

With the PERGOLUX Pergola, you're investing in the potential of a luxurious outdoor space that could last up to 50 years!

jaccuzzi on terrace without pergola for visual idea

Invest in some waterproof furniture and position your pergola by the poolside! This setup is perfect for days when your friends or family want to swim, and you'd rather relax with a chilled coke on your sunbed.

anthracite skydance pergolux pergola by poolside

Accessorizing the PERGOLUX Pergola

Recalling the earlier discussion about enhancing the shelter capabilities of your Pergola? When we designed our pergola, our goal was to create a product that complements your outdoor space. While the PERGOLUX Pergola itself offers substantial elegance and utility, we aimed to incorporate additional features to further enhance its functionality.

anthracite pergola in snow with zip screen pulled down

Enhance your pergola by adding our adjustable screens or a heater. PERGOLUX Screens are height-adjustable sun and privacy screens that also provide protection against wind and rain. The textile net is securely fastened within the rails along the pergola columns, functioning smoothly like a zipper.

pergolux heating lamp on anthracite pergola

Meanwhile, our PERGOLUX Heater is a high-quality heat lamp that can be installed directly on the Pergola or onto the wall of your house.

The PERGOLUX Pergola – The Ideal Addition to Any Outdoor Space

The PERGOLUX Pergola goes beyond just enhancing your terrace. It's the perfect addition to outdoor venues, dining areas, or even as a potential pool house. With our pergola, the possibilities are vast, and we hope you'll find the perfect use for it. We're confident you’ll be satisfied! We designed a product that catively serves as your creative outlet.

We make the dream possible!